Author profile: Liz Sage

Liz Sage is writer, researcher and lecturer, currently teaching at the Universities of East Anglia, Sussex and Chichester, UK. Her research focuses on contemporary cultural representations of violence and the ways in which embodied ethics can help us use aesthetic insights to rethink political and military responses to terrorism. Her publications in this area include ‘The Impossible Terrorist: Women, Violence and the Disavowal of Female Agency in Terrorism Discourses’ in Journal of Postcolonial Cultures and Societies (2013) and the forthcoming ‘Reading Terrorism with Irigaray’ in Building a New World (June 2015, Palgrave MacMillan).

Anxiety in The British Media Portrayals of Schoolgirls Heading for Syria

Liz Sage • Jun 3 2015 • Articles
With so little to go on, the media are left to construct their own version of events, filling in the silence left by the girls with a cacophony of possible explanations.

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