Author profile: Luca Ferrini

Assessing the Viability of a Complete Environmental Kuznets Curve

Luca Ferrini • Oct 19 2012 • Essays

Sustained growth cannot be obtained simply through capital inputs. For growth and environmental protection to be compatible, technology must be the driver of growth.

Why is Turnout at Elections Declining Across the Democratic World?

Luca Ferrini • Sep 27 2012 • Essays

Declining trust in traditional democratic institutions as vehicles for personal fulfilment and well-being has eroded the sentiment of civic duty.

The Importance of Institutions to Economic Development

Luca Ferrini • Sep 19 2012 • Essays

Institutions strongly affect the economic development of countries and act in society at all levels by determining the frameworks in which economic exchange occurs.

What are the Main Causes and Effects of Economic Protectionism?

Luca Ferrini • Aug 28 2012 • Essays

Lobbying, group formation, and the interests of politicians distort policy in favour of trade protectionism – despite the costs the costs imposed on the whole of society.

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