Author profile: Lydia C. Cole

Lydia C. Cole is a Postdoctoral Researcher at Durham University on the project ‘The Art of Peace: Interrogating Community Devised Arts-Based Peacebuilding’. She has previously held the position of Associate Lecturer at University of St. Andrews and received her Ph.D. from Aberystwyth University in 2018.  Her research spans several fields of inquiry including feminist international relations, peace and conflict studies, visual arts, and transitional justice. She is particularly interested in the uses of ethnographic, artistic, and creative research methodologies.

Tears and Laughter: Affective Failure and Mis/recognition in Feminist IR Research

Lydia C. Cole • Apr 9 2020 • Articles

No one knows how or to what extent affect and failure will enter your research. So it may be reassuring to know that affect failure is not a failure of research practice.

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