Author profile: Manu Bhagavan

Prof Manu Bhagavan is Professor of History and Human Rights at Hunter College and the Graduate Center-CUNY. His most recent book is The Peacemakers / India and the Quest for One World, published by HarperCollins India in 2012 and updated and expanded by Palgrave Macmillan in 2013.  His other major publications, all with Oxford University Press, include Sovereign Spheres (2003), Heterotopias (editor, 2010), and Speaking Truth to Power and Claiming Power from Below (co-edited with Anne Feldhaus, 2009).

The Doctor and the Cure: The Crisis of Sovereignty in the Twenty-first Century

Manu Bhagavan • Feb 24 2017 • Articles
Contemporary populists are looking backwards, hoping to fix our problems by drawing from a medical toolkit from a previous century.

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