Author profile: Marianna Karakoulaki

Marianna Karakoulaki is E-International Relations’ Articles Editor and a Director of Editorial Board. She is an award winning journalist who focuses on humanitarian reporting including but not limited to migration and forced displacement, social movements, gender and feminism. She is currently a doctoral researcher at the University of Birmingham where she researches violence, borders and the no borders politics theory. She is the editor (with Laura Southgate and Jakob Steiner) of ‘Critical Perspectives on Migration in the 21st Century‘  published by E-IR in 2018. You can reach her via email, and follow her on twitter @Faloulah or Facebook.

Europe’s Barbwire Fences: Reflections on Reporting the Refugee Crisis in Greece

Marianna Karakoulaki • Jun 24 2018 • Articles

The failure of states to protect refugees amounts to their failure to discontinue the violence created by borders. This is where a no borders politics comes as an answer.

The Greek Referendum as Societal Schism

Marianna Karakoulaki • Jul 4 2015 • Articles

Regardless the Greek referendum’s turnout, Greece will not be able to avoid another austerity plan that will hinder the country’s non-existent ascent to development.

Solidarity with ERT

Marianna Karakoulaki • Jun 13 2013 • Articles

On 12 June, the Greek Government shocked society by shutting down its public broadcaster. It is important for the public to unite and show the current regime that they will no longer tolerate such actions.

UNSCR 1325 and Gender Mainstreaming in the UN Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding Activities

Marianna Karakoulaki • Oct 31 2012 • Articles

In spite of UNSCR 1325, gender mainstreaming within peacekeeping and peacebuilding activities has not been an overarching success due to lack of understanding of the concept.

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