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China’s New Authoritarianism

Mark Chou • Jul 22 2011 • Articles

China’s inability or refusal to democratize has been a constant source of political consternation for the West. Yet, China is becoming a democracy of sorts, albeit laced with an authoritarian edge.

When the Towers Fell: Mourning and Nostalgia after 9/11 in HBO’s The Wire

Mark Chou • May 25 2010 • Articles

To the extent that The Wire has had anything to say about the events of 9/11, which it implicitly comments upon during its five seasons, it is the message of continuity that stands out. Too much has been made about how the world changed on 9/11. And while it would be altogether fraught to claim that nothing has changed, it is also true that the world which existed before 9/11 continues to exist today.

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