Author profile: Martin Duffy

Martin Duffy has participated in more than two hundred international election and human rights assignments since beginning his career in Africa and Asia in the 1980s. He has served with a wide range of international organizations and has frequently been decorated for field service, among them UN (United Nations) Peacekeeping Citations and the Badge of Honour of the International Red Cross Movement. He has also held several academic positions in Ireland, UK, USA and elsewhere. He is a proponent of experiential learning. He holds awards from Dublin, Oxford, Harvard, and several other institutions including the Diploma in International Relations at the University of Cambridge.

LGBTQ Politics in Kazakhstan: A Cross-Cutting Electoral Cleavage?

Martin Duffy • Dec 6 2022 • Articles

LGBTQ politics and activism, bolstered by international support, could prove a time-bomb that further threatens state stability.

Conflict Psephology Amidst the 2022 Bosnian General Election

Martin Duffy • Oct 24 2022 • Articles

Even in such an intensely divided society like Bosnia, political opportunists cannot expect to gain seats just by “diversity criteria” alone.

Review – Reflections on a United Nations’ Career

Martin Duffy • Oct 14 2022 • Features

This book is an in-depth account of a UN official’s experiences in the global aid sector, and is an ideal read for aspirants in this field.

Review – Time Is A Mother

Martin Duffy • Sep 22 2022 • Features

This poetry collection includes themes of personal loss and mortality that also provide insights into broader political struggles and conflicts in IR.

Opinion – International Relations at the End of the Second Elizabethan Age

Martin Duffy • Sep 12 2022 • Articles

Elizabeth II was one of international relations’ strongest soft powers – not just in longevity, but also in her subtle influence on the global system.

Opinion – Historical Amnesia, Digital Authoritarianism and the Presidency of Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

Martin Duffy • Sep 5 2022 • Articles

The second Marcos administration looks likely to further undermine democratic values and institutions in the Philippines.

Remembering Mikhail Gorbachev

Martin Duffy • Aug 31 2022 • Articles

Gorbachev’s legacy is complex, but perhaps his greatest achievement will be that he contributed so manifestly to a spirit of peace at a vital time in world history.

Reflecting on Kenneth Branagh’s ‘Belfast’

Martin Duffy • Jul 29 2022 • Articles

It is a credit to Branagh’s mastery of memory, empathy and incantation that his film portrays so accurately that conflict begins and ends around the home.

Review – Finding Me: A Memoir

Martin Duffy • Jul 15 2022 • Features

Viola Davis recounts her struggles with racism and poverty on her journey from a life of hardship to one of stardom.

Challenges in the Museological Heritagization of the Troubles in Northern Ireland

Martin Duffy • Jul 11 2022 • Articles

Northern Ireland is ready to talk about the previously unspeakable tragedies which eventually birthed the territory’s painful but, nevertheless, sacred peace.

Opinion – Shinzo Abe’s Murder and Japan’s History of Political Assassination

Martin Duffy • Jul 8 2022 • Articles

Japan is weakened by the fault-lines of an unresolved war and a history of ideological division and vulnerability to episodes of violence and terror.

Opinion – 25 Years On: Reflecting on Hong Kong’s Handover

Martin Duffy • Jul 2 2022 • Articles

British promises are unenforced and unenforceable as Hong Kong under China is no longer in any sense a credible democracy.

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