Author profile: Martin Duffy

Martin Duffy has participated in more than two hundred international election and human rights assignments since beginning his career in Africa and Asia in the 1980s. He has served with a wide range of international organizations and has frequently been decorated for field service, among them UN (United Nations) Peacekeeping Citations and the Badge of Honour of the International Red Cross Movement. He has also held several academic positions in Ireland, UK, USA and elsewhere. He is a proponent of experiential learning. He holds awards from Dublin, Oxford, Harvard, and several other institutions including the Diploma in International Relations at the University of Cambridge.

Adolph Mahr and Ireland’s Nazi Past

Martin Duffy • Jun 16 2022 • Articles

It remains an embarrassing episode in Ireland’s museological history that it was originally directed by a Nazi.

The Dark Heritage of Holocaust Exterminators at Leisure

Martin Duffy • May 22 2022 • Articles

Images of Nazis banqueting in merriment as their prisoners were sent to the gas chambers is a disturbing expression of the nihilism of the Holocaust.

Review – On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous

Martin Duffy • May 12 2022 • Features

It is a happy irony that families like Ocean’s who have sacrificed so much, bequeath to their host society a narrative not only gorgeous, but priceless.

The Glasnevin Necrology Memorial: Exhibiting Ireland’s Dark Heritage

Martin Duffy • May 8 2022 • Articles

Far from memorializing the dead, enduring controversy just shows how far Ireland remains steeped in dark heritage.

Changing International Perceptions of Vietnam and Its Dark Heritage

Martin Duffy • Apr 19 2022 • Articles

Until recently, tourism in Vietnam has been intently focused on the legacy of the war and international perceptions of Vietnam are changing only at a snail-pace

Putin’s Brutal War and Ukraine’s Dark Heritage

Martin Duffy • Apr 16 2022 • Articles

For the authorities in Kyiv, wartime shortages and near starvation in cities like Mariupol recall the dark past of the Holodomor.

Civil Society Actors and the Challenge of Dark Heritage in Bosnia

Martin Duffy • Mar 21 2022 • Articles

In Bosnia, as in the case of Northern Ireland, civil society efforts to build peace may encapsulate the concept of civil peace spaces.

Opinion – Russia’s Bombing of Ukraine’s Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial

Martin Duffy • Mar 3 2022 • Articles

The events of 1 March 2022 cause us to revisit the Holocaust. With hope, the fears of President Zelensky will not be realized and the grim cycle of history does not repeat itself.

The United Nations in Crisis: Geo-Political and Geo-Economic Challenges

Martin Duffy • Mar 2 2022 • Articles

The crisis facing the UN, as evidenced by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, is the single greatest threat to global security since its formation.

The Politics of Conflict Archaeology: HMP Maze as a ‘Dark Heritage’ Case Study

Martin Duffy • Feb 16 2022 • Articles

Northern Ireland must find a way to re-purpose but not to sanitize a heritage which fascinates outsiders, provides learning, and contains resonance for other peace processes.

Opinion – In Defence of International Law

Martin Duffy • Feb 6 2022 • Articles

Far from a mere paper tiger the measure of international law is today shown by the successful prosecution of both powerful and rogue states alike.

The Historicization of International Relations: Evolving a Museology of War and Peace

Martin Duffy • Jan 31 2022 • Articles

Global history’s dark heritage can be lightened by telling the shared history of peacemaking, rather than focusing on war.

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