Author profile: Matthew S. Cohen

Matthew S. Cohen is a PhD candidate and Lecturer in Political Science at Northeastern University and an Adjunct Instructor at Merrimack University specializing in both emerging security threats, with a focus on cyber-security, and the Middle East. His works can be found at his Academia profile.

The US Response to North Korea: The Cyber Option

Matthew S. Cohen • Aug 7 2017 • Articles
Despite the dangers of a cyber response to North Korea, the US could block North Korea’s access to cyber-space and make it clear that the they were behind the attacks.

Moving on After Congress Votes on the Iran Deal

Matthew S. Cohen • Aug 30 2015 • Articles
Iran is an important country. The US should engage with Iran, with well-considered protections in place, while being sure to protect and reassure our allies.

Crafting an Effective Foreign Policy to Confront Terrorism in the Middle East

Matthew S. Cohen • May 12 2015 • Articles
As long as Hamas or Hezbollah are viewed as less “bad” than ISIS and are seen as parties that can be reasonably dealt with, there can be no peace in the Middle East.

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