Author profile: Maurice Dunaiski

Accountability vs Stability? Assessing the ICC’s Intervention In Kenya

Maurice Dunaiski • Jan 9 2014 • Essays
The ICC's involvement in Kenya suggests that accountability efforts are compatible with reconciliation and stabilization efforts in the wake of massive human rights abuses.

Gender-Based Violence in South Africa: A Crisis of Masculinity?

Maurice Dunaiski • Apr 27 2013 • Essays
The 'crisis of masculinity' thesis focuses solely on changing gender relations in post-apartheid South Africa, and is inadequate for explaining the high level of gender-based violence.

Principles of Distributive Justice Within the EU

Maurice Dunaiski • Apr 5 2013 • Essays
A transactional practice-dependent approach to distributive justice demonstrates that more social solidarity is required to counter problems of ‘background injustice’ in the EU.

To What Extent is India a Successful Democracy?

Maurice Dunaiski • Nov 23 2012 • Essays
Democracy in Kerala has given rise to redistributive pressures that have translated into effective social policy and an exceptional performance with regard to most social indicators.

Human Rights: A Sustainable Basis for Developing International Law?

Maurice Dunaiski • Nov 10 2012 • Essays
Unless we develop a more flexible understanding of rights and guarantee the fairness of international law, one cannot offer a basis for developing the other.

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