Author profile: Max Nurnus

Max Nurnus is a lecturer at Seoul National University’s Graduate School of International Studies. He is also editor in E-International Relations’s articles team.

Soft Power: Can Less be More?

Max Nurnus • Apr 15 2020 • Articles
Trump and his administration are probably a disaster for American soft power and undermine the country’s standing in the world – but is that necessarily bad?

The Semi-Public World of Influencer Diplomacy, Universities and Think Tanks

Max Nurnus • Feb 10 2020 • Articles
Governments that engage in influencer diplomacy as well as those who benefit from it have an interest in keeping these activities semi-public.

South Korea’s New President: Into Rough Foreign Policy Waters

Max Nurnus • May 31 2017 • Articles
The government of Moon Jae-in faces a number of foreign policy challenges; he may ride a wave of popular support at home – but will have to deal with rougher waters.

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