Author profile: Melixa Abad Izquierdo

Melixa Abad Izquierdo is an Assistant Professor in the Department of History and Political Science at Farmingdale State College. Her most recent essay is ‘A Lachrymose Heroine for the Masses: The Origins of the Cinderella Plotline in Mexican Telenovelas, 1968-1973’, in Modernization, Nation-Building, and Television History, edited by Stewart Anderson and Melissa Chakars.

Chapo ‘El Bandito’ Alger

Melixa Abad Izquierdo • Sep 2 2015 • Articles
If we come to see the drug epidemic as the health issue it is, el Chapo may become a genuine pop-cultural icon for the masses, not just a hackneyed Mexican ‘Robin Hood’.

The Forgotten Story of ‘Me Llamo Martina Sola’

Melixa Abad Izquierdo • Apr 15 2015 • Articles
Outside of Latin America telenovelas are perceived as a generic product. But each country possesses a unique form of telenovela, identifiable by its stylistic attributes.

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