Author profile: Meredith Veit and Flo Strass

Meredith Veit worked onboard the Mare Liberum (Germany) ship in August and September 2019. She is an American writer, multimedia storyteller, and researcher who principally works with human rights organizations and activists. She holds an MA. in Human Rights and Democratisation from the Global Campus Human Rights Europe program and a BA in Communications from The George Washington University (USA).

Flo Strass has been working with Mare Liberum (Germany) both on- and off-board the ship since 2018. She holds a Master’s degree in Theatre from the University of Arts Berlin (Germany) and a B.A. in History and Political Science. She has been working for different NGOs and activist groups around the Mediterranean, mainly on the ground and in advocacy projects.

At the EU-Turkey Border, Human Rights Violations are No Longer Clandestine Operations

Meredith Veit and Flo Strass • Jun 3 2021 • Articles

If the Greek islands are closing down legitimate operations for humanitarian assistance, it will take a large toll on migrants and EU citizens alike.

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