Author profile: Michael C. Davis

Michael C. Davis, a professor in the Law Faculty at the University of Hong Kong, has held visiting chairs in human rights at Northwestern University Law School (2005-06) and Notre Dame Law School (2004-05), as well as the Schell Senior Human Rights Fellowship at the Yale Law School (1994-95). His publications include Constitutional Confrontation in Hong Kong (1990), Human Rights and Chinese Values (1995) and International Intervention: From Power Politics to Global Responsibility (2004), as well as numerous articles on human rights and development in leading academic journals in law and political science. Professor Davis, as a public intellectual, has contributed to the debate over constitutional reform and human rights in Hong Kong for over two decades.

Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement and Beijing’s Failure to Honor the Basic Law

Michael C. Davis • Oct 29 2014 • Articles

Trust in the local and Beijing governments has been damaged; a moderate approach would serve Beijing’s interests better than the confrontational approach taken so far.

China & the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples: The Tibetan Case

Michael C. Davis • May 27 2014 • Articles

Until China acknowledges its international obligations and stops using sovereignty as a shield, the deplorable human rights situation in Tibet seems destined to continue.

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