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Mike Trace is a criminologist and addiction treatment expert who has worked for 15 years on drug policy within the UK, and in multilateral settings. He was the Deputy UK Drug ‘Czar’ for 5 years under the Blair government, the President of the EMCDDA (the European Union Drugs Agency) for 3 years, and briefly the Chief of Demand Reduction at the Vienna-based UN Office on Drugs and Crime. Since leaving the United Nations, he has continued his charity work as the Chief Executive of RAPt, a major UK drug rehabilitation charity, and by establishing and supporting several initiatives aimed at strengthening the involvement of civil society organisations and experts in drug policy reform debates – most notably the International Drug Policy Consortium whose website ( contains comprehensive information and updates on drug policy politics issues worldwide.

Drug Control Policies are Changing: Why? And Why Has it Taken So Long?

Mike Trace • Nov 25 2013 • Articles
Administrations at all levels are busy reforming laws, strategies and programmes for controlling psychoactive drugs such as cannabis, cocaine & heroin. Why? Or alternatively, why has it taken so long?

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