Author profile: Mikhail Denisenko

Mikhail Denisenko is a Deputy Director at the Institute of Demography, National Research University – Higher School of Economics (NRU-HSE, Russia). For over ten years he worked as a professor and researcher at the Population Studies Centre at Lomonosov Moscow State University. Between 1998 and 2000 he worked at the Population Division of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) of the United Nations Secretariat. He has participated in various research projects including ‘Replacement migration’ (UN Population Division, 2000), ‘Population analysis and projection for the Russian Federation’ (the World Bank, 2008), ‘Mortality in Central Asia’ (National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, USA, 2007-2012), ‘Migration and remittances in Central Asia and South Caucasia’ (UN ESCAP, 2010), ‘Population development and prospects of Kyrgyzstan’ (UNFPA, 2011-2012), and ‘Population Development in the post-Soviet states’ (Russian Humanitarian Science Foundation, 2015-2016).

Migration to Russia and the Current Economic Crisis

Mikhail Denisenko • May 5 2017 • Articles
The migration ties between Russia and the newly independent states have generally weakened. This is unlikely to bode well for either Russia or the countries in the region

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