Author profile: Marianna Karakoulaki, Laura Southgate and Jakob Steiner

Marianna Karakoulaki is Articles Editor and a Director of E-International Relations. She is an award winning journalist and foreign correspondent. She regularly reports as a freelance foreign correspondent for Deutsche Welle and has worked with IRIN, The Telegraph, Middle East Eye, CBC Radio, Voice of America, BBC Radio, Channel 4 News, Radio Television Suisse, Human Rights Watch and Refugees International among others.


Laura Southgate is a Lecturer in Politics and International Relations at Aston University. She is a regular contributor for Global Risk Insights and a Senior Commissioning Editor for E-International Relations. Her research focuses on regional intervention and state resistance to sovereignty violation in Southeast Asia. Her work has been published in International Politics, Intelligence and National Security, and Journal of Asian Security and International Affairs.


Jakob Steiner is a PhD student at the Department of Physical Geography at Universiteit Utrecht, the Netherlands and a Senior Commissioning Editor for E-International Relations. He has conducted field research on drivers of local migration and rural development in rural Pakistan and on the paths of Pakistani men leaving along the common refugee routes for Europe.

Observations on Migration in the Twenty-First Century: Where to from Here?

Migration is trapped in the triangle between controversial scholarly, popular and political debate, with decisions directly affecting the lives of thousands.

Introducing Critical Perspectives on Migration

Thousands of people risk their lives daily by crossing borders in search of a better life. During 2015, over one million of these people arrived in Europe.

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