Author profile: Neville Chi Hang Li

Neville Chi Hang Li is a Teaching Assistant at the University of Bath. His previous appointment was at City University of Hong Kong, serving as a Senior Research Associate. He received his PhD in Politics, Languages and International Studies from the University of Bath. His research interests focus on Politics and International Relations in Asia-Pacific, Critical Security Studies, Political Demography and New Media and Political Communication. His PhD dissertation entitled Securitization of Population Dynamics in the People’s Republic of China, examines the ideational relationship between security and demography with both the Copenhagen School and the Paris School approaches.

Rival Securitising Attempts in the Democratisation of Hong Kong

Neville Chi Hang Li • Mar 29 2019 • Articles

The Chinese “one country, two systems” principle is politically threatened by two emerging securitising attempts throughout the democratisation of Hong Kong.

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