Author profile: Nicolas Bouchet

Nicolas Bouchet is TAPIR Research Fellow, German Marshall Fund of the United States.

Long Game, Hard Choices: The Obama Administration and Democracy in Egypt

Nicolas Bouchet • Sep 6 2016 • Articles

The experiences of the Arab Spring cannot be erased and the US will have no choice but to factor in its foreign policy, the popular political aspirations in the region.

Obama’s Cautious Step Forward on Middle Eastern Democracy

Nicolas Bouchet • Jun 4 2011 • Articles

To seize the opportunity of this historic moment of political change and support democratization in the Arab world, Obama needs to fill in the details of how the USA and the international community will offer concrete, sizeable and sustained help towards securing political reforms throughout the region in the coming months and years.

Barack Obama’s Democracy Promotion after One Year

Nicolas Bouchet • Feb 25 2010 • Articles

It is wrong to say that Barack Obama rejects the democracy tradition in American foreign policy. His record, appointments and first-year budget requests show that democratization is not being jettisoned as a US goal. To varying extents, the president and his foreign policy principals are liberal internationalists. However there has been a stark rhetorical break from the Bush era.

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