Author profile: Oğuzhan Göksel

Oğuzhan Göksel is currently Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Science and International Relations, Istanbul 29 Mayis University, Turkey. He also works as a reviews editor for New Middle Eastern Studies. He completed his Ph.D. degree at the School of Government and International Affairs & Ustinov College, Durham University, UK in 2015. Oğuzhan’s works have been published in various edited books and international peer-reviewed journals such as Mediterranean Politics, British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies and Turkish Studies. His main research interest are modernization and theories of modernity, comparative politics, historical sociology, political economy of development, and foreign policy analysis.

A Cynical Report Card on the Turkish Game of Thrones

Oğuzhan Göksel • Aug 13 2016 • Articles

Since 2013, Turkey has been struggling with intense political instability. Yet after the recent coup was defeated, President Erdoğan has consolidated his hegemony.

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