Author profile: Olayinka Ajala

Dr Olayinka Ajala is an Associate Lecturer in International Relations at the University of York. His publications include ‘Human Security in the Niger Delta: Exploring the Interplay of Resource Governance, Community Structure and Conflicts’ Journal of Sustainable Development, Law and Policy, 7 (2) (2016) 81-103; and ‘MEND in the South, Boko Haram in the North: Political Authority and the Emergence of Insurgent groups in Nigeria’ Small Wars and Insurgencies, 29 (1) (2018) 112-130.

Brexit and the Fight against Terrorism in the United Kingdom

Olayinka Ajala • May 31 2018 • Articles
The exit of the UK from the EU will strengthen the resolve of the country to combat terrorism not only within its borders but within the European community as a whole.

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