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Avoiding a Zero-Sum Water-Energy End Game: Bring It to Rio+20

Olimar E. Maisonet-Guzman • Nov 1 2011 • Articles

It seems that there is an inverse relationship between water and energy security, but is this scenario real or imagined? Although it is only one step, the incorporation of the water-energy nexus into the Rio+20 agenda would help to improve our understanding of sustainability.

Food Security and Population Growth in the 21st Century

Olimar E. Maisonet-Guzman • Jul 18 2011 • Essays

This study examines the relationship between agriculture growth and population growth rates in countries around the world. In particular, this paper seeks to identify the difference in the relationship between population growth and agricultural growth among the following regions: Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Latin America and Oceania.

Amazon Battle: Is hydropower the new Kobayashi Maru?

Olimar E. Maisonet-Guzman • Dec 17 2010 • Essays

The Belo Monte and the Madeira Dams have been subjected to criticism due to their negative impacts on indigenous populations of the Xingu and Madeira River. Besides threatening the livelihood of indigenous communities, the projects also have significant negative impacts on the environment. This nevertheless remains a popular option among policy-makers.

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