Author profile: P.J. Blount

P.J. Blount is a Post-doctoral researcher at the University of Luxembourg in the Faculty of Law, Economics, and Finance. His research focuses on space and communications law. Previously he served as a Research Counsel and Instructor at the University of Mississippi School of Law; was a Visiting Scholar at the Beijing Institute of Technology, School of Law; and an Adjunct Professor at Montclair State University, Department of Political Science and Law.

How Cyberspace Changes International Conflict

P.J. Blount • Dec 8 2019 • Articles

The international system is ill equipped to create regulatory mechanisms that inhibit and control state action in Cyberspace, much less the myriad other actors that can wield such violence.

Authority and Regulation in an Interconnected World

P.J. Blount • Dec 6 2019 • Articles

Cyberspace saps authority away from the state as a holder of international rights. Authority in this new legal geography is vested in those that control the development, adoption and deployment of code that operates at a global level.

Reprogramming the World: Legal Terrains

P.J. Blount • Dec 6 2019 • Articles

The legal landscape of Cyberspace is a multidimensional geography that can rewrite the jurisdictional patterns established as accepted in international governance.

Unbordered Rights: The Geography of Cyberspace

P.J. Blount • Dec 5 2019 • Articles

World-scale political geography is shifting as new actors become mediums for power within the system, revealing complexity by adding Cyberspace onto the political geography of international space. 

Cyberspace and the Struggle to Maintain and Manage It

P.J. Blount • Dec 3 2019 • Articles

If the Internet is to be an effective tool of liberty, freedom and justice then Cyberspace must be understood not just within domestic governance frameworks, but also within the international governance system.

Reprogramming the World: Political Places

P.J. Blount • Dec 2 2019 • Articles

The geography of Cyberspace has been described as layered: a spatial geography layered with a legal geography that is layered with a political geography.

The Nomos of Cyberspace

P.J. Blount • Nov 29 2019 • Articles

If Cyberspace is indeed opening up global geography, then it should be observable in international space through the reallocation of territory, authority, and rights in the international assemblage.

Cyberspace and the Problem of New Spaces

P.J. Blount • Nov 25 2019 • Articles

We live in a world of fake news, data breaches, election hacking and cyberwarfare – a world in which 280 characters can change everything. Our analog past has been replaced with digital realities.

Network Geography: Cyber Landscapes

P.J. Blount • Nov 18 2019 • Articles

One application of ‘internet of things’ is enabling home automation via the Internet, effectively networking an individual’s physical personal space. Transaction points literally proliferate through the space of the home.

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