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Can China be Defined as an Authoritarian State?

Patrick Ervine • Feb 4 2011 • Essays

The People’s Republic of China was formed in 1949 from a country crippled by poverty, internal and external conflict, and has grown into one of today’s economic superpowers. Modern China can be defined as an authoritarian state. However, socialism with Chinese characteristics is a far better way of describing China’s unique system of government and economy

How relevant is counterinsurgency doctrine to the ‘war on terrorism’?

Patrick Ervine • Dec 2 2010 • Essays

Counterinsurgency doctrine is arguably much less relevant than other means of conducting the war on terror. The military actions are the most publicised and easy to trace part of the war on terror, however, civilian organisations, internal and domestic politics and legislation can be more relevant and effective than the counterinsurgency doctrine that is being utilised in Iraq and Afghanistan today.

Does Terrorism Pose a Real Threat to Security?

Patrick Ervine • Nov 15 2010 • Essays

Terrorism has become the most prominent security issue of the early 21st century and the response of western states to its dangers has also been highly controversial. Terrorism has existed since 66AD with the sicarii in Palestine whose activities “would qualify them as terrorists”. There are also many types of security with traditional and new security having differing views on where the emphasis of security should lie and what security actually is

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