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Paul Kirby is a Lecturer in International Security in the School of Global Studies at the University of Sussex, where he researches and teaches on gender violence and the politics of war. Paul was previously a Co-Editor of the European Journal of International Relations (2014-2015) and Millennium: Journal of International Studies for Volume 39 (2010-2011), and has co-edited special issues of International Feminist Journal of Politics (2012) and International Affairs (March 2016). He is also Section Editor for Political Science and Political Theory for the Open Library of the Humanities and the author of this guide to open access in the social sciences. He has written about open access, a lot.

Open International Relations: The Digital Commons and the Future of IR

Paul Kirby • Nov 16 2015 • Articles
A systematic transformation of scholarly publishing is some way off. Initiatives show that there is space to do better, and a promising journal system to be built.

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