Author profile: Peter Clegg

Dr Peter Clegg is Head of the Department of Health and Social Sciences at the University of the West of England, Bristol. He has been a Visiting Fellow at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies in London, and a Visiting Research Fellow at the Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies (SALISES) at the University of the West Indies in Jamaica.

Brexit: Can the Commonwealth Fill the Gap?

Peter Clegg • Jan 22 2019 • Articles

Brexit will cause a rupture, but the Commonwealth has a role to play, and with some imagination and boldness can enhance its role further.

The UK: No Longer a Benevolent Patron

Peter Clegg • May 17 2018 • Articles

The UK’s decision to leave the EU, in particular, has initiated a set of centrifugal forces in the relationship between the UK and its Territories.

Bermuda and the Dilemma of Same-Sex Marriage

Peter Clegg • Feb 18 2018 • Articles

In February 2017 Bermuda became the first jurisdiction to remove the legal right to same-sex marriage after it had been granted.

Hurricane Irma and the UK Overseas Territories

Peter Clegg • Sep 17 2017 • Articles

Despite talk of fundamental changes in the relationship the outcome of Irma could well be slight reform rather than major recalibration.

UK Overseas Territories and Brexit

Peter Clegg • Mar 7 2017 • Articles

Concerns remain that the territories could find themselves attached to a weaker and more isolated UK, which may well damage their own future security and prosperity.

The Panama Papers and the UK Overseas Territories

Peter Clegg • Apr 14 2016 • Articles

The revelations of tax avoidance and evasion have struck a chord with many concerned about the impact of austerity and growing inequality. However, little is likely to change.

Jamaica and the IMF: A Never-ending Story

Peter Clegg • Mar 6 2016 • Articles

The story of Jamaica’s efforts to plot a successful path to development highlights that while IMF support is needed to keep the economy solvent, the reforms do little to bring about real change.

ISIS Threat Laps the Caribbean

Peter Clegg • Dec 15 2015 • Articles

With the region’s porous borders and often weak state capacity to deal with security threats, regional governments must gear up to the challenges that face them.

Shadows Cast over Democracy in the Caribbean

Peter Clegg • Mar 16 2015 • Articles

What took place in St Kitts and Nevis indicates that despite the generally good record of democracy in the Caribbean, the region cannot rest on its laurels.

The Ebola Threat: Don’t Forget the Caribbean

Peter Clegg • Oct 21 2014 • Articles

While the world’s attention is on West Africa, Europe and the US, one should not forget the threat that Ebola poses to the Caribbean – an area where authorities may struggle to contain it.

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