Author profile: Peter I. Hajnal

Peter I. Hajnal is Research Associate, Munk School of Global Affairs and Research Associate in Arts, Trinity College, University of Toronto. In addition to a number of articles, book chapters and conference presentations, he is author or editor of ten books, including Civil Society in the Information Age (Ashgate, 2002); Sustainability, Civil Society and International Governance: Local, North American and Global Perspectives (Ashgate, 2006; co-edited with John Kirton); and The G8 System and the G20: Evolution, Role and Documentation (Ashgate, 2007). His latest book is The G20: Evolution, Interrelationships, Documentation (Ashgate, 2014). His UN-related writings include Directory of United Nations Documentary and Archival Sources (Academic Council on the United Nations System and Kraus International Publications, 1991) and International Information: Documents, Publications and Electronic Information of International Governmental Organizations (Libraries Unlimited, vol. 1: 1997, vol. 2, 2001).

Review – G20 Governance for a Globalized World

Peter I. Hajnal • Feb 1 2016 • Features

Although his critique of the UN is problematic, Kirton’s book remains an important contribution based on a solid foundation of political theory and empirical knowledge.

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