Author profile: Phil Cole

Professor Phillip Cole Lectures in Politics and International Relations at the University of the West of England, Bristol. He is co-author of Debating the Ethics of Immigration: Is There a Right to Exclude? (OUP, 2011)

Writing About Displaced People in the Time of Coronavirus

Phil Cole • May 14 2020 • Articles

The pandemic is simply exposing the ongoing precarity of the displaced rather than disrupting their ‘normal’ lives, and so there is much to learn about what international protection should look like.

Humanitarian Intervention: Alive and Kicking

Phil Cole • Nov 29 2018 • Articles

When it comes to military action to prevent mass atrocity crimes, it seems that key players in international politics have abandoned the Responsibility to Protect (R2P).

Who is Not a Refugee?

Phil Cole • Nov 8 2017 • Articles

What I want to draw attention to here are the not-refugees, especially those we classify as ‘economic’ migrants but who are fleeing places in search of basic survival.

‘Trumpism’ and the Future of International Politics: The Return of Realism

Phil Cole • Jan 29 2017 • Articles

Trump’s presidency represents a radical break in international politics. Under Trumpism rules are for losers. Realism has returned, and liberal internationalism is, for now anyway, dead.

Framing the Refugee

Phil Cole • Nov 25 2016 • Articles

Unless citizens are willing to problematize their own position, power and safety, they must accept that they are not willing to take the Refugee Question seriously.

The Rationality Gap: Brexit and the Immigration Question

Phil Cole • Jun 16 2016 • Articles

If Britain abandons reason and principle, we will not be able to reclaim them and we will end up back in a place which we thought Europe had left behind forever.

What’s Wrong with the Refugee Convention?

Phil Cole • Nov 6 2015 • Articles

The UN Refugee Convention and the rights and obligations which flow from it are inadequate and need to be fundamentally revised.

Who is a Refugee?

Phil Cole • May 15 2015 • Articles

The very idea of who counts as a refugee is at stake due to new political discourse, and that may have dangerous consequences for all those seeking asylum around the world.

Europe’s Response to Migrant Tragedy in the Mediterranean

Phil Cole • Apr 27 2015 • Articles

Recent EU responses should make us wonder whether the political atmosphere around migration in Europe means that the continent has journeyed to the heart of darkness.

Global Warming: Is Paris the Last-chance Saloon?

Phil Cole • Feb 16 2015 • Articles

Global warming’s last-chance saloon will soon be upon us. Yet, far from acting together, we have various gangs ready to shoot each other in the back while the piano-player plays on.

Anarchy in the UK? Debating the Scottish Referendum Aftermath: Part 1

Phil Cole • Nov 19 2014 • Articles

The UK public have an appetite for change but not for unpredictability. That makes the whole process a political minefield running up to the 2015 General Election.

Drowning Migrants Is Not the Answer

Phil Cole • Oct 29 2014 • Articles

Criminalization is not the answer to the movement of people across the Mediterranean. We have to recognize that it is this act of criminalization which is killing people, not the desire to migrate.

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