Author profile: Piers Robinson

Piers Robinson is Professor of Politics, Society and Political Journalism, at the Department of Journalism Studies, at the University of Sheffield. His current research explores organized persuasive communication and contemporary propaganda as well as the role of communications and media in relation to international politics. He is author of the CNN Effect: the myth of news, foreign policy and intervention (2002, Routledge, London and New York) and co-author of Pockets of Resistance: British News Media, War and Theory in the 2003 Invasion of Iraq (2010, University of Manchester Press).

The Importance of the Chilcot Report for International Relations Scholars

Piers Robinson • Aug 15 2016 • Articles
Academics should focus more on the processes by which power is exercised through organised persuasive communication and manipulative propaganda.

Media as a Driving Force in International Politics: The CNN Effect and Related Debates

Piers Robinson • Sep 17 2013 • Articles
CNN effect research should continue to explore how the media plays an influential role in policy formulation but it needs to account for the so-called manufacturing consent or indexing theories.

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