Author profile: Ramesh Sepehrrad

Dr. Ramesh Sepehrrad is Adjunct Faculty at George Mason University, teaching courses on Global Conflict Analysis and Gender; and a scholar practitioner from School of Conflict Analysis and Resolution (SCAR) – also at George Mason University. She has served as conference director, moderator and panelist at various academic institutions, congressional seminars. Her work has been published in The Brown Journal World Affairs, The Washington Post, The National Interest, The Washington Times, Women e-news, United Press International, Feminist Voice, and others.

Opinion – Iran’s End Game Beyond Coronavirus

Ramesh Sepehrrad • Apr 7 2020 • Articles
The coronavirus pandemic has exposed the inherent dictatorial nature of the Islamic Republic, and may prove a final countdown towards its end.

Opinion – Iran 2020: Election Polls, Panics and Predictions

Ramesh Sepehrrad • Feb 20 2020 • Articles
Iran’s parliamentary election is best understood as one held by a regime in fear of its unraveling in the hands of Iranian people, paralyzed with international isolation.

A Revolution is Brewing in Iran but What Comes Next?

Ramesh Sepehrrad • Jul 17 2018 • Articles
The MEK exemplify a rare oppositional force in Iranian history, one that is worthy of curiosity by those serious to understand the Iranian affairs.

Is Revolution Brewing in Iran?

Ramesh Sepehrrad • May 21 2018 • Articles
Women and young people have joined with many other oppressed sectors of Iranian society and created a clear path toward a real and popular revolution in Iran.

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