Author profile: Rebecca Devitt

Rebecca Devitt has recently completed a Masters of International Relations and holds a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne. She has had a keen interest in human rights and global governance throughout her studies and volunteer work at UN Women and World Vision. She is currently the news editor for Right

Justice And Peace: The Role of International Tribunals in Transitional Justice

Rebecca Devitt • Jan 24 2012 • Essays

Dealing with the perpetrators of mass atrocity and conflict is at the heart of questions about transitional justice and rebuilding the state following mass violence.

Burma, Bangladesh and the Rohingya: a Failure to Protect?

Rebecca Devitt • Sep 6 2011 • Essays

Forced migration and refugee flows from Burma to Bangladesh are becoming increasingly difficult for the international community and the region to deal with. Failure at state, regional and international level to deal with the problems facing the Rohingya refugees reflects a wider need to re-evaluate international protection regimes when it comes to dealing with forced migration and minority groups in Southeast Asia.

Liberal Institutionalism: An Alternative IR Theory or Just Maintaining the Status Quo?

Rebecca Devitt • Sep 1 2011 • Essays

Institutionalism rejects the realist assumption that international politics is a struggle for power in which military security issues are top priority and argues that instead, force is an ineffective instrument of policy. In order to understand the impact of internationalism on IR theory and its criticisms we must first look at its definition and how it differs from realist perspectives.

Human Rights In The Middle East: Questions Of Compatibility And Conflict

Rebecca Devitt • Mar 30 2011 • Essays

The fact that the debate over whether Islam and human rights discourse are compatible is an example of how states in the Middle East continue to go through a transitional phase in regard to reforming laws and policies which infringe upon peoples rights. Post election violence in Iran and Iraq suggests that there is still a long way to go in terms of securing peace in security in the region.

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