Author profile: Revecca Pedi and Areti Vasmada

Revecca Pedi is an Assistant Professor at the Department of International and European Studies, University of Macedonia. Her research interests include the International Relations of Small States, the International Relations of the EU, and Entrepreneurship in International Relations. Her two most recent publications are: “The (Small) State of the Union: Assessing the EU’s Ability to Implement its Global Strategy” on New Perspectives and “From the ‘Small but Smart State’ to the ‘Small and Entrepreneurial State’: Introducing a framework for Effective Small State Strategies within the EU and Beyond” on Baltic Journal of European Studies Twitter: @RevePedi


Areti Vasmada is an Intern Researcher at the Institute of International, Defence and European Analyses, Department of International and European Studies, University of Macedonia.

‘A Union that Strives for More’: Von der Leyen’s All-inclusive EU Narrative

Revecca Pedi and Areti Vasmada • Sep 5 2019 • Articles

VdL’s ‘all-inclusive’ EU Narrative reflects the circumstances under which she was elected. Yet, it also mirrors the complexities of our era and those of the EU itself.

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