Author profile: Robert W. Murray

Robert W. Murray is Vice-President of Research at the Frontier Centre for Public Policy and an Adjunct Professor of Political Science at the University of Alberta. He holds a Senior Research Fellowship at the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies and Research Fellowships at the University of Calgary’s Centre for Military and Strategic Studies and University of Alberta’s European Union Centre for Excellence. He is the co-editor of Libya, the Responsibility to Protect, and the Future of Humanitarian Intervention with Aidan Hehir (Palgrave, 2013), Into the Eleventh Hour: R2P, Syria and Humanitarianism in Crisis with Alasdair MacKay (E-International Relations, 2014), and International Relations and the Arctic: Understanding Policy and Governance with Anita Dey Nuttall (Cambria, 2014). He is the Editor of the IR Theory and Practice blog on E-IR.

The Need for an English School Research Programme

Robert W. Murray • Feb 2 2016 • Articles

Until practitioners begin to define precisely what an ES research programme would look like, the School’s impact on international theory remains outside the mainstream.

An Introduction to the English School of International Relations

Robert W. Murray • Jan 5 2016 • Articles

Due to its pluralistic model, the English School represents a coherent and advantageous method for achieving a broad and complex understanding of international political issues.

Time for a New Western Strategy in Ukraine

Robert W. Murray • Feb 10 2015 • Articles

Western strategy towards the Ukraine crisis has been a failure. Without a dose of deterrence to complement diplomatic efforts, Eastern Europe may share Ukraine’s fate.

Evolving Canadian Multilateralism

Robert W. Murray • Sep 26 2014 • Articles

Every state’s foreign policy should be designed to maximize security and pursue national interests. But Canada’s current approach may not lead to the desired outcomes.

Rapid Fire: Is the Ukraine Crisis the West’s Fault? Part 3

Robert W. Murray • Aug 27 2014 • Articles

It may seem trivial to state that the west helped cause, rather than did cause, the crisis in Ukraine but from a theoretical point of view, this distinction is essential.

(Mis)Understanding the Arctic

Robert W. Murray • Apr 3 2014 • Articles

What is becoming clearer as Arctic political discourse continues to unfold is that IR scholarship is lagging behind in its application to actual Arctic politics.

The Return of the Problem-Solvers

Robert W. Murray • Mar 19 2014 • Articles

When it comes to educating the next generation of policy-makers, there is a problem facing the academy and the crises in Ukraine and Syria demonstrate that.

Rationality and R2P: Unfriendly Bedfellows

Robert W. Murray • Feb 22 2014 • Articles

The largest obstacles to consistent implementation and enforcement of R2P remain its flawed epistemological foundations and the enduring nature of the international system.

Rapid Fire: Are Political Scientists Irrelevant?

Robert W. Murray • Feb 19 2014 • Articles

The contributors to E-IR’s IR Theory and Practice blog discuss whether Nicholas Kristof’s argument surrounding the irrelevance of political scientists rings true.

Sacrificing Defence for Votes in Canada

Robert W. Murray • Feb 13 2014 • Articles

The recent announcement that Canadian defence capital spending planning for the coming year would be delayed is yet another major blow to Canada’s defence strategy.

New Site, New Voices, Same Purpose

Robert W. Murray • Jan 30 2014 • Articles

The relaunch of this blog is going to introduce some exciting new elements and an all-star cast of regular contributors from across the world to ignite dialogue on key issues.

In Defence of Expertise

Robert W. Murray • Dec 16 2013 • Articles

What exactly is an ‘expert’ and with the incredible databases of knowledge available, is there really a need for experts anymore? Further, do they still exist beyond the ivory towers of academia?

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