Author profile: Roie Yellinek

Roie Yellinek is a Ph.D. student at Bar-Ilan University in Ramat-Gan (Israel), a doctoral researcher at the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, and a non-resident scholar at the Middle East Institute and adjunct researcher at IDF Dado Center. He is a specialist in the growing relationship between the Middle East, Central Asia and China, especially in regards to the soft power component of Chinese diplomacy. His research is based on fieldwork conducted in China, Israel and other countries.

Opinion – China and the Rebuilding of Syria

Roie Yellinek • Mar 23 2020 • Articles
Chinese investment in Syria is a statement of intent for now. The war will have to end before China will take any significant further steps.

Opinion – Pipelines and Politics: Natural Gas Connects Israel and Egypt

Roie Yellinek • Mar 4 2020 • Articles
The signing of the Israel-Egypt gas deal highlights the mutual interests of both countries and provides an economic framework to support peaceful bilateral relations.

Opinion – The Impact of China’s Belt and Road Initiative on Central Asia and the South Caucasus

Roie Yellinek • Feb 14 2020 • Articles
Maximizing the benefits of the BRI while minimizing the costs will require an eye to ensuring the well-being of host economies and citizens is properly safeguarded.

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