Author profile: Russell Foster

Dr Russell Foster is a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow in European Studies at King’s College London. Prior to this he was a Marie-Curie International Fellow in European Studies at the University of Amsterdam. Russell studied History at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge; International Relations and Human Geography at Newcastle University, UK; and he was a Visiting Scholar in European Studies at Virginia Tech, USA. His research interests include nationalism, identity, the EU as empire, and the emergence of new identities in Europe. His first book, Mapping European Empire, was published in 2015. He is currently researching the emergence of the New Right in Europe, the changing nature of white identities and masculinity in the West, the role of symbols and icons in shaping Western identities, and the relationship between politics and fiction. His website is

Brexit Endgame: The 2019 UK Election

Russell Foster • Dec 14 2019 • Articles

Brexit is coming. But, maybe Boris Johnson will strike a good deal with the EU to prevent the further polarisation in the UK.

We Unhappy Few: The Conservative Party Leadership Race

Russell Foster • Jun 24 2019 • Articles

Hard Brexit is the likeliest outcome because it is the desire of the Party’s membership. Even if it means the destruction of their party..

The Days of May (Again): What Happens to Brexit Now?

Russell Foster • May 27 2019 • Articles

To snuff out Nigel Farage a second time, the Conservatives will almost certainly elect Boris Johnson, and he will push for a No Deal exit.

Brexit Never Rains, But It Pours

Russell Foster • Mar 29 2019 • Articles

After three exhausting and poisonous years of negotiations between the UK and the EU we are not approaching the end – we have barely finished the beginning.

Review – Brexit: The Uncivil War

Russell Foster • Feb 5 2019 • Features

This drama speaks to the divide between old and new politics, civility and hatred, and largely succeeds in a balanced critique of both the Leave and Remain campaigns.

Why Macron’s Victory Is a Triumph for Disillusionment and Populism

Russell Foster • May 16 2017 • Articles

Emmanuel Macron’s victory represents the reproduction of the same forces which birthed the recent wave of popular apathy and hostility to transnational elites.

Populism Marches On

Russell Foster • Mar 28 2017 • Articles

The Dutch election is neither a victory for liberalism nor a victory for racism, but a victory for frustration, anger, anxiety and resentment.

Quitaly, Outstria, ‘Eu Revoir’? The Coming Legacy of Brexit

Russell Foster • Dec 1 2016 • Articles

Brexit is merely an early skirmish in the battle for Europe. Further conflicts are coming.

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