Author profile: Saad Adnan Khan

Saad Adnan Khan currently works as a researcher at the BRAC Institute of Educational Development, BRAC University. He has a Master’s degree in Gender studies from Linkoping University, Sweden. His master’s thesis was a qualitative research on bullying inside Bangladeshi classrooms, in which he explored bullying in the context of intersectional gender pedagogy and other themes of sexuality and affects. He has worked as a reporter at The Daily Star, Bangladesh for a year and St. Louis Magazine, USA for six months. He has given lectures on masculinity and transnational feminist studies at BRAC University, Bangladesh. He has won a small grant from the EMK center, in collaboration with James P Grant School of Public Health, BRAC University to carry out a project entitled “Photo/narratives and workshops on masculinity in Bangladesh”. He has worked as a content developer for Project Dhee to bring out an LGBT comic strip in Bangladesh.

Dhee: Unknowability and Queering Realities in Bangladesh

Saad Adnan Khan • Feb 9 2016 • Articles

The politics around sexuality are manifold. Through Dhee’s advocacy in Bangladesh, there is hope that an organic shift in understanding will take place community members.

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