Author profile: Saber Salem

Saber Salem is a Doctoral Research Fellow with the OP Jindal Global University’s School of International Affairs, India. Previously, he worked for the United Nations in different roles and capacities as well as the Canadian International Development Agency as a Policy Analyst. He has conducted extensive research in the Pacific region related to foreign aid.

China-US Power Politics in the Pacific

Saber Salem • Jul 23 2020 • Articles

The Pacific is becoming a microcosm of military confrontation. This begs the question as to why China is so interested in the Pacific and where it leads.

Sino-Taiwan Chequebook Diplomacy in the Pacific

Saber Salem • Jun 22 2020 • Articles

As the Sino-Taiwan aid competition in the Pacific intensifies, Beijing hopes that Taipei will give up its secessionist drive under immense diplomatic pressure.

Climate Change and Food Security in the Pacific

Saber Salem • Feb 18 2020 • Articles

There are multiple disasters such as sea level rise, drought, cyclones and flooding which directly impact the food security of the region and could send millions of its already impoverished population to destitution.

Climate Change and the Sinking Island States in the Pacific

Saber Salem • Jan 9 2020 • Articles

Small island nations are exposed to multi-dimensional climate crises such as ocean level rise, flooding, coastal erosion, inundation of agricultural lands, drying up of drinking water and sea acidification, which endangers fish life and stock.

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