Author profile: Saleem Ahmed

Saleem Ahmed has a Ph.D. in agriculture, but has been researching Islam for four decades and has written the following two books: (1) “Beyond Veil and Holy War: Islamic Teachings and Muslims Practices with Biblical Comparisons” (2002). Honolulu: Moving Pen; and (2) “Islam: Religion of Peace?” (2008). Honolulu: Moving Pen. He has taught classes on Islam under the University of Hawaii’s Outreach Program, and speaks frequently in Hawaii and elsewhere on Islam. Earlier, he was involved in Pakistan’s “Green Revolution” research and development in the 1960s-70s.

Challenging ISIS on its Own Turf

Saleem Ahmed • Mar 22 2016 • Articles

While organizations bemoan the Islamophobia being generated due to extremist misdeeds, it is important that Muslims avoid supporting others because of their religion.

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