Author profile: Scott N. Romaniuk and Francis Grice

Scott N. Romaniuk is a Postdoctoral Fellow in Security Studies at the China Institute, University of Alberta, Canada.


Francis Grice is an Assistant Professor of Political Science and International Studies at McDaniel College in Maryland, where he has worked since 2014. Prior to this posting, he worked as a Teaching Fellow at King’s College London. He has a PhD in Defence Studies from King’s College London (2014). His thesis critically examined the originality and transnational influence of the teachings of Mao Zedong on insurgent warfare.

Norms, Norm Violations, and IR Theory

Scott N. Romaniuk and Francis Grice • Nov 15 2018 • Articles
With the shift from a unipolar world to a multipolar one, understanding the interactions between strong powers and norms, norm violations, and norm shifts is important.

Norm Evolution Theory and World Politics

Scott N. Romaniuk and Francis Grice • Nov 15 2018 • Articles
Despite many years of focus on this topic, scholars have not yet come to a complete understanding of how or why norms emerge and evolve or change over time.

Norm Contestation, Political Assassinations, and Targeted Killings

Scott N. Romaniuk and Francis Grice • Nov 5 2018 • Articles
While democratic or liberal-democratic states have championed positive norms, they have also taken-up targeted killings which defy long-established conventions.

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