Author profile: Shiran Shen

Review – Sustaining China’s Economic Growth

Shiran Shen • Mar 11 2013 • Features

Sustaining China’s Economic Growth is a timely work that provides a comprehensive and persuasive analysis of China’s economic challenges in the wake of the global financial crisis.

Review – Strategic Vision

Shiran Shen • Aug 7 2012 • Features

In his signature crisp and penetrating style, Zbigniew Brzezinski seeks to outline the needed strategic vision to get the U.S.- or the West at large – back on the global leadership track.

Review – Tiger Trap: America’s Secret Spy War with China

Shiran Shen • Jul 19 2012 • Features

The stakes of Chinese espionage against the US are higher than ever. Tiger Trap is a timely book which enriches understanding of the issue.

Review – Managing the China Challenge

Shiran Shen • Jan 10 2012 • Features

China’s rapid economic growth continues apace presenting multi-national corporations with new opportunities. Kenneth G. Lieberthal explores the strategies MNCs need to employ to succeed in business in China and the importance of remaining sensitive to the state’s political concerns.

Review – The Future of Power

Shiran Shen • Aug 19 2011 • Features

In ‘The Future of Power’, Joseph S. Nye outlines a synthesis of his more than two decades of scholarship on the future of world power politics. Nye explains how power works and how it is changing under the conditions of a burgeoning revolution in information technology, globalization, and the return of Asia in the 21st century.

Review – No Exit: North Korea, Nuclear Weapons and International Security

Shiran Shen • Aug 11 2011 • Features

North Korea is of perennial security concern to both its neighbors and the United States. North Korea is the only state that has ever withdrawn from the Nonproliferation Treaty and reneged on every denuclearization agreement it had ever signed. In late 2010, satellite data indicated that North Korea possessed a uranium enrichment facility, and now a potential third nuclear test is underway.

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