Author profile: Stephen Michael Christian

Stephen Michael Christian studied at the University of Utah and has a BA in political science from Georgia Gwinnett College. Michael focuses on incorporating disability studies into international political theory. The European Journal of International Relations recently published his article Autism in International Relations.

Review – The Making of Global International Relations

Stephen Michael Christian • May 28 2020 • Features

This book demonstrates an encyclopedic knowledge of International Relations, however incorporating disability studies could stimulate Acharya and Buzan to self-reflect.

Review – The Microbial State

Stephen Michael Christian • Jan 24 2019 • Features

Focusing on microbes and drawing on biology and science and technology studies, Stefanie Fishel’s book re-theorises the body to provide a biocentric view of politics.

Review – The Politics of Subjectivity in American Foreign Policy Discourses

Stephen Michael Christian • Jun 4 2017 • Features

Intriguing throughout, this book is an excellent introduction for students interested in how psychoanalytic ideas and emotions are applicable to international politics.

Review – Conflict Resolution and Ontological Security

Stephen Michael Christian • May 24 2017 • Features

An insightful volume that shows how peace cannot be maintained without addressing both material and identity-related concerns for all major conflicting parties.

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