Author profile: Stephen Pitt-Walker

Stephen Pitt-Walker (BA, MA, MIntS) has more than 25 years of strategic advisory, management consulting and outsourcing management experience across multiple industry sectors. He has consulted independently since 2009, prior to which he was Vice President, Financial Services at Gartner Consulting (Asia-Pacific). He is also a graduate of the Royal Military College of Australia, Duntroon, the Australian Defence Force Academy, and served as an officer in the Australian Regular Army for 10 years. He is a Fellow of the Strategic Planning Society, London.

ISIL, Ideology, and Islamic Militancy – Where is the Centre of Gravity?

Stephen Pitt-Walker • Jan 25 2015 • Articles
The solution to the rise of ISIL lies in locating the ideology’s centre of gravity and strategizing its containment if not its demise.

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