Author profile: Strobe Driver
Strobe Driver completed a PhD in War Studies in 2010 and since then has been writing on War, Conflict, Terrorism and Asia-Pacific Security. During 2018 he was awarded a year-long Taiwan, ROC, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Fellowship to write an independent analysis of Taiwan – China relations with a focus on when and whether a conflict would break out.  The analysis is entitled ‘Asia-Pacific and Cross-Strait Machinations: Challenges for Taiwan in the Nascent Phase of Pax-Sino.‘ All other writings by Strobe can be found on his blog.

Panic Stations: Australia’s Scramble to Defend Against China in the Asia-Pacific

Strobe Driver • Aug 5 2020 • Articles

China will make new demands, but the time has passed for Australia to adequately defend themselves militarily and a new formula for politico-negotiation needs to emerge.

How Long Will the Dragon Wait? China and the Retrocession of Taiwan

Strobe Driver • May 21 2019 • Articles

The intent of China gaining Taiwan is a sacrosanct part of politico-policy and therefore China will retain its ‘total war’ attitude to the crisis. 

A Unified Korea: Good for All (Except Japan)

Strobe Driver • Feb 10 2019 • Articles

If the Koreas gain greater harmony they may focus more overtly on Japan’s past deeds and its present ambitions, directly impacting upon Japan’s ‘middle power‘ status.

Irredentism, Nationalism and a Looming Asia-Pacific War

Strobe Driver • Apr 13 2018 • Articles

A country that has the objective and then launches an invasion has  an inherent desire to change the future, whilst incorporating a resetting of an ideology.

A New Age of Violence: Terrorism as an Asymmetrical and ‘Existential Threat’

Strobe Driver • Sep 27 2017 • Articles

The process of terrorism morphing from a violent asymmetrical-threat to an asymmetrical- and existential-threat, signals a profound change in its trajectory.

Winning Hostilities Without War: United States-North Korea Machinations

Strobe Driver • May 30 2017 • Articles

Despite the threats of Kim Jong-Un to destabilize the region, the US and North Korea are both intent on winning the hostilities without going to war.

War with China: Ascending Powers, Expansionism and the Use-of-Force

Strobe Driver • Nov 22 2016 • Articles

The current state-of-affairs suggests that as China is exhibiting a pre-WWI German paradigm a war will happen as it exponentially increases its expansionism.

Beyond the Asia-Pacific: China’s Next Geo-Strategic ‘Stepping Stone’

Strobe Driver • Jun 4 2016 • Articles

There is no reason to believe China will not approach its ambitions in a multilateral way in the future, as this is what the West has embarked upon for decades.

The Impact of Industrial Revolutions: China’s Rise and the Decline of Japan

Strobe Driver • Dec 13 2015 • Articles

Japan stands at a crossroads. It will have to accept that unless it de-escalates tensions through critical dialogue it will be faced with a fractious China.

‘Oil Then,’ ‘Water Now’: Another Reason for War in the 21st Century?

Strobe Driver • Jun 22 2015 • Articles

Water has now become a most sought after commodity, one that countries have displayed a renewed interest in and with an increasing amount of threat-of-force.

The Asia-Pacific Scramble and a ‘Larger Australia’

Strobe Driver • Mar 30 2015 • Articles

Australia should begin to position itself as a politically-astute player in the region and in doing so, make decisions that create realpolitik rather than frictions.

Airpower Hopes: The West versus the Islamic State, and the Evolution of Warfare

Strobe Driver • Dec 21 2014 • Articles

Western leaders should not embrace the ‘can do’ elements airpower offers, and seek policies which would not have the volatile backlashes associated with its use.

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