Author profile: Terry Tucker

Terry Tucker is a senior analyst and consultant for Keystone Technology Design, Wikistrat, a global geopolitical marketplace for analysis, and is an instructor in Homeland Security Studies for the International Career Development College, Los Angeles. He is retired from the US Army and spent 14 years in the Middle East as a trainer and advisor to several foreign governments and has written counterinsurgency lessons learned for the US Army and Office of the Secretary of Defense. He has authored two books: The Operational Art of Counterinsurgency, and US Counterinsurgency Methods and the Global War on Terror. He has also published articles in the Journal of International Affairs, Small Wars Journal, Infantry, and in Strategy and Tactics. Terry was an embedded counterinsurgency trainer and advisor to the Afghan National Security Forces from 2006 to 2010 and a trainer and advisor at the Counterinsurgency Training Center-Kabul. He provided training and operational planning assistance to the US, Coalition, Afghan, USAID and Non-Governmental Organizations. Terry is an adjunct instructor and tutor in history at Brandman University.

Huntington and Post-Cold War Paradigms: If Not the Clash of Civilizations, What?

Terry Tucker • Sep 23 2013 • Articles
The twentieth anniversary of ‘The Clash of Civilizations?’ provides us with the opportunity to re-examine the ongoing relevance of Huntington’s thesis in the context of contemporary geopolitics.

An Open Rebuttal to Gian Gentile’s Article on Counterinsurgency

Terry Tucker • Aug 20 2013 • Articles
Gian Gentile's article on COIN ignores literature that weigh stability and combat operations equally. The key failure of COIN has been not understanding how to integrate the multiple levels required.

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