Author profile: Thomas Goumenos

Thomas Goumenos is a political scientist (MA University of Essex, PhD Panteion University). His primary research interests are nationalism, contentious politics and separatist movements. He has taught at Athens Metropolitan College; since 2015 he has been working as assistant to a Member of the Greek Parliament. His publications include “Nationalism”, in P. Joseph (ed.) The SAGE Encyclopedia of War: Social Science Perspectives, Sage Publications, 2017, “The Pyrrhic Victory of Unitary Statehood”, in E. Kavalski and M. Zolkos (eds) Defunct Federalisms, Ashgate publications, 2008.

Parliamentary Diplomacy as ‘Track 1 1/2 Diplomacy’ in Conflict Resolution

Thomas Goumenos • Jul 11 2018 • Articles

Parliamentary diplomacy in conflict resolution can be conceived as a form of track1 1/2 diplomacy, as it is in the position to combine official and unofficial diplomacy.

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