Author profile: Thomas N. Cooke

Thomas N. Cooke is an Adjunct Professor of Political Science at King’s University College, PhD Candidate in the Communication & Culture program at York University and Student-at-Large Representative for the International Studies Association Executive Committee Canada. Cooke’s research intersects privacy theory, design theory, algorithmic profiling, big data tracking, technoscience, surveillance studies and critical security studies. Cooke’s dissertation explores how open-source privacy enhancing technology project design philosophies are fundamentally re-articulating popular understandings of digital privacy. You can follow him on Academia, and Twitter at @thomasncooke.

Security, Power, and Digital Privacy

Thomas N. Cooke • Apr 30 2015 • Articles

To approach the security, power and digital privacy triangulation through Dissent means that we, use ‘digital privacy’ as a starting point in the research triangulation.

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