Author profile: Tom McKim

Tom McKim holds an MSc in Security Studies from University College London (UCL) and a BA(Hons) in Political Science and International Relations from Victoria University Wellington. He is currently a policy and research intern at Barnardo’s UK.

Famine in Somalia: A Man Made Disaster

Tom McKim • Oct 12 2011 • Articles

The Somali people, for decades pawns in a catastrophic game of geopolitics, are paying the ultimate price for a counterterrorism policy that has exacerbated the very threat it sought to quell. Now, when western assistance is truly merited, the gates appear firmly shut.

Climate Related Natural Disasters and the Onset of Civil Conflict: 1970-2008

Tom McKim • Jul 1 2011 • Essays

Since the end of the Cold War, research into the causes of civil conflict has intensified dramatically as scholars, policy makers, and NGOs have come to recognise the tremendous human toll they exact. Almost completely absent from civil war literature is the impact that natural disasters may have on the likelihood of conflict.

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