Author profile: Trivun Sharma

Trivun Sharma is a Ph.D. scholar at the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies, University of Warsaw, Poland. His working thesis is entitled, “Changing Dynamics of European Geopolitics: A Case of Russia-Germany Relations”. His primary research interests include European geopolitics, the role of Germany in Europe and Russia’s foreign and security policy.

Ukraine and Russia Gird for Presidential Election

Trivun Sharma • Mar 10 2019 • Articles

Ukraine is gearing up for a presidential election that will set its course for the next five years, perhaps most crucially in terms of its relations with Russia.

Expecting the Expected: Russian Presidential Elections 2018

Trivun Sharma • Feb 24 2018 • Articles

The outcome of the elections may not change Russia’s relations with the West; but it would narrow down the time frame for deciding the Russia’s future after Putin.

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