Author profile: Valentine M. Moghadam

Valentine M. Moghadam is Professor of Sociology and International Affairs at Northeastern University, Boston. In addition to her academic career, Prof. Moghadam has been Coordinator of the Research Program on Women and Development at the UNU’s WIDER Institute (Helsinki, 1990–1995) and a section chief for gender equality and development, UNESCO’s Social and Human Sciences Sector (Paris, 2004–2006). Selected publications include, Modernizing Women: Gender and Social Change in the Middle East (1993, 2003, 2013); Globalizing Women: Transnational Feminist Networks (2005), and Globalization and Social Movements: The Populist Challenge and Democratic Alternatives (2020). She has edited seven books, including Empowering Women after the Arab Spring (2016, with Marwa Shalaby), and After the Arab Uprisings: Progress and Stagnation in the Middle East and North Africa (with Shamiran Mako, 2021). She is a board of member of Massachusetts Peace Action and the Feminist Foreign Policy Project.

Transnational Feminist Networks and Contemporary Crises

Valentine M. Moghadam • Apr 6 2021 • Articles

Working with civil society and social movement partners and with allies in IGOs, transnational feminist activism spans local, national, regional, and global terrains, and has become a fixture of world politics.

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