Author profile: Verena Erlenbusch

Verena Erlenbusch is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Memphis. Her main research lies at the intersection of Political Philosophy and Contemporary European Philosophy (especially Foucault and Critical Theory). Her current research project brings to bear Foucault’s genealogy on the phenomenon of terrorism. Her publications include “Terrorism and Revolutionary Violence: The Emergence of Terrorism in the French Revolution” in Critical Studies on Terrorism; “Terrorism: Knowledge, Power, Subjectivity” in Critical Methods in Terrorism Studies; “How (Not) to Study Terrorism” in Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy; “The Place of Sovereignty: Mapping Power with Agamben, Butler, and Foucault” in Critical Horizons; and “The Concept of Sovereignty in Contemporary Continental Political Philosophy” in Philosophy Compass.

From Sovereignty to War: Foucault’s Analytic of Power

Verena Erlenbusch • Dec 12 2015 • Articles

Foucault’s work draws our attention to the fact that in an age characterized by mechanisms of exclusion of those who threaten the human race that war, not sovereignty, is political strategy.

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