Author profile: Victoria V. Panova

 Victoria V. Panova is an Associate Professor in the Department of IR and FP at the MGIMO, University MFA Russia. She holds a PhD in history of IR. Since 2003, she is Regional Director for Russia of the G8 Research Group based at the University of Toronto (Canada); since 2010, she directs the MGIMO-UT Fund. She is a member of the National Working Group of the Civil G8 project (2005-2007); she is part of the Common European Security project initiated by High Commissioner J.Solana in 2009. She is currently a member of the Scientific Council/Chief Advisor on Strategy Planning for the NCR BRICS, a member of the working group for Civil 20/8, co-chair for the Civil BRICS, and a permanent member of the Jury for the Youth 8, 20, BRICS. Dr. Panova publishes in a variety of national and international journals. She is a Visiting fellow at University of Cambridge (2007), London School of Economics and Political Sciences (2008-2010), and BRICS Policy Center (2012). Dr. Panova is also an alumna of the Asian Forum on Global Governance organized by ORF (India) and Bucerius School/Zeit Stiftung (Germany).

Closing the Second Cycle in BRICS: A Surprise or Business as Usual?

Victoria V. Panova • Jun 6 2018 • Articles
BRICS has by now turned into a brand. This brand imposes responsibility on its members to respond to global challenges and serves the interests of the global community.

BRICS’s New Institutions and Their Impact on International Political Economy

Victoria V. Panova • Sep 27 2014 • Articles
Where the challenge lies for the Golden Billion is in the form and method of decision-taking and new model of cooperation founded on mutual respect and support.

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